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Rubber Safety Flooring in Morningside

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At Rubber Safety Flooring, we have an incredibly skilled team of experts, who install safety surfacing, such as spongy wetpour and rubber mulch! Our company is one of the leading providers in the country in July 2024, giving many benefits to thousands of people across the UK.

Our team build a variety of playground safety floors in Morningside, which include rubberized mulch, EPDM rubber and grass mat flooring. Each one of the surface areas we all fix is tested in order to reach Critical Fall Height reviews for all playground equipment in your area to guarantee optimum safeguards for kids in July 2024.

Who Are We?

Ensuring the safest experience for everyone, we take pride in creating a bespoke flooring service to prevent any harmful situations in:

  • Playgrounds
  • Parks
  • Recreational spaces
  • Landscaping projects
  • Seating areas

Offering an immense range of rubber surfacing options, we are certain that we can appease any demands for bespoke projects within the nation.

We understand that gaining the greatest technical advice is more than needed when having safety surfacing installed so that you know for certain what you are having installed- we, at Rubber Safety Flooring, can provide you with some expert knowledge on any questions about the surfacing that you might have.

Why Choose Us?

We can provide an extensive range of safety surfaces with a variety of colours and designs in Morningside, ensuring the most bespoke facilities of the highest quality.

Our skilled installers have received multiple commendations regarding our attention to detail and professional approach, proving that we are reputable and trustworthy.

We are proud of the quality we consistently produce in each individual instalment.

We have such a great reputation within Morningside, which makes us stand out from the others, as we have worked with a wide variety of customers in both commercial and domestic settings.

Rubber Safety Flooring Costs in Morningside

The cost of Rubber Safety Surfacing differs depending on a variety of circumstances.

Depending on the sizing, colours, designs, and location, the price of the instalment will change.

The largest factor that determines a price change is the sizing of the space, the larger the area- the more expensive the instalment will be.

We will always offer the best price available regarding the bespoke instalment you require, you will struggle to find a better price in Morningside!

Types of Playground Surface Options

Leisure playgrounds can help better young children’s understanding; styles and also educational games wet pour graphics are often inserted to help with making education enjoyable for the children.

For more information on Rubber Safety Flooring services Morningside, fill in the contact form below to receive a free quote today.

The coloured patterns which we supply include typical activities, sporting activities lines, colourful pets, letters, snakes and ladders and also number activities.

Wetpour Safety Surfacing

Wet pour is an impact absorbing safety surface that is found in schools, nurseries, and local authority playgrounds. 

Also known as ‘rubber crumb’ surfacing or ‘soft tarmac’, wet pour requires skilled teams to install the surface. That’s why our installation teams are trained to the highest standards and site managers have at least five years’ experience installing wetpour in Morningside.

Wet pour is usually installed in a two-layer system. The topping layer or ‘wearing course’ of wet pour is formed using EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Modified) rubber crumbs that are bonded together with a polyurethane binder. The base layer is formed using bound SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) granules to produce the absorbing qualities of wet pour. This means that the soft play surface can be installed in a variety of depths, according to CFHs (Critical Fall Heights).

Wetpour requires a solid, porous sub-base for us to install on top of. When installed onto a free-draining sub-base, wet pour is porous and is suitable for all-year-round use.

Wet pour playground surface is available in a wide range of colours, including yellow, green, red EPDM and much more. One of the main attractions of wet pour is that it’s available in a variety of colours and can be installed to almost any design in the United Kingdom. A popular choice is to have the wet pour rubber flooring in black EPDM and then add coloured graphics. 

Over the last 20 years, we have installed many wetpour surfacing jobs in Morningside. Developed as an impact absorbing safety surface for children’s playgrounds, the flooring is now recognised on projects including, splash pads, outdoor fitness centres, pathways, seating areas, domestic gardens and MUGAs (multi-use games areas). 

All our rubber surfaces in Morningside are tested to BS EN 1177 standards to meet safety and Critical Fall Height ratings. to use with various playground equipment including swings and climbing frames.

It is important to get a East of England professional to carry out the installation of the pour in place rubber flooring. As experts in the industry, we can ensure you get the very best installation to the correct levels.

Bonded Rubber Mulch

Bonded rubber mulch is a natural-looking durable safety surface. Our bound rubber Mulch is environmentally friendly, containing 90% recycled tyre rubber which gives it the look and feel of wood bark chippings.

We have installed Rubber Mulch in Morningside and this surfacing type can be used in playgrounds, parks, recreational spaces, landscaping projects and seating areas. The natural look and feel of the surface means it will blend into surroundings and offer a durable and low maintenance surfacing solution.

The Rubber mulch process encapsulates recycled tyre rubber in a tough PU polymer coloured with light stable pigments and, once fully cured, the pigments and coating are both non-toxic and inert.

The rubber shred flooring is a popular choice for children’s playgrounds in Morningside, as well as various other external places.

We lay rubber shred floors in a variety of thicknesses, according to what is needed. The thickness of the flooring is determined by the CFH of your playground equipment. The checks are carried out to British Safety Standards. Different features like recreational constructions and swings can occasionally have rubber mulch flooring installed around them. The flooring supplies a natural appearance to accommodate a pre-existing rural area but also provides crucial health and safety characteristics.

You could choose between a number of colour selections when fitting the bonded play bark floors. Many of our customers choose to install brown and green as these colours look good with rustic looking forest characteristics. If you wanted a more blended look, the colour choices may be blended to supply a much more distinct appearance. Each and every client can pick a distinctive specification that accommodates your budget and what you need.

Our bonded rubber bark is specially designed to have long-lasting strength and durability. For areas that might be frequently used by children, this provides a strong and resilient flooring solution. The impact absorbent properties produce greater performance and safety properties for kids. The surface is generally used to lessen injuries from falls when using play apparatus and features. However, it’s also a good attractive surface solution for wooded areas or low maintenance walkways.

Our team can install the rubber mulch resin material in Morningside. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like more information on the prices and designs available. We would be happy to put together a quote for your resin-bound rubber mulch project. Just let us know where in area you are located and what your budget is so we can supply an affordable quotation.

Benefits of Rubber Safety Flooring

The benefit of having a Rubber Safety Surface installed is an endless list, here are just a few:

  • Water and moisture absorbent
  • Heavy impact resistance
  • High-performance standards for demanding environments
  • Resistance to scuffs, scratches, stains, and mold.
  • Sound absorbent.

Having these benefitting factors will make your flooring porous and suitable for year-round usage and spotless for longer!

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