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Bonded mulch is an environmentally friendly surface that is made from recycled tyre rubber and is bonded together to create a durable yet soft surface. It is impact-absorbent which reduces injuries and allows children to play freely without concern.

To create this surface, the recycled tyre rubber is shredded, which gives bonded rubber mulch the appearance and feel of wood bark chippings.

We can offer a quick turnaround with the installation of bonded rubber mulch flooring. Contact us today for more information.

Bonded Rubber Mulch Colours

Bonded rubber mulch is a great option for playgrounds and outdoor leisure spaces because of how safe it is. Once it is installed, it is essentially maintenance-free and offers protection through its soft and impact-resistant nature.

This tough PU polymer coloured to a bright shade like red, green, or blue can make the playground even more inviting. We can colour bonded rubber bark to suit the play equipment and environment we are working in.

These surfaces are commonly installed with a natural look due to the materials, but this safety surfacing can be fully cured to give it an attractive appearance for play areas. All colouring is non-toxic and durable to ensure limited maintenance once it has been installed.

Our installation team can work with you to determine what colour and designs of this safety surface would work best with your playground. Various factors can go into determining the colour and design of bonded rubber mulch materials, so call us today for more information.

Bound Rubber Mulch Benefits

There are so many benefits to installing these safety surfaces in playgrounds. Bonded mulch like this is the best option for a playground surfacing, and we can offer a competitive bonded rubber mulch price, so contact us today for a free consultation.

  • Eco-friendly

As resin mulch is made from shredded recycled truck tyres, it has eco-friendly advantages as this is reducing landfill and C0² emissions. It is a sustainable and durable option that has a reduced impact on the environment both during creation and installation.

  • Cost-effective

We can offer a competitive bonded rubber mulch price for your playground and can provide a price quote through our website contact form. This wet pour surfacing is one of the most cost-effective, and it is low maintenance.

  • Available in a range of depths

With this kind of flooring, there are surfacing options, and all of the safety surfacing we provide have been fully tested for critical fall height before they are installed. This rubber bark surface is impact-absorbent which is why it is installed around climbing frames and other playground equipment to prevent injuries.

We can adjust the depth of this surface, based on your playground and the needs of the environment.

  • Available in a range of colours

The recycled materials used can be coloured using non-toxic means before installing. When working with a playground, it is a good idea to add a coating of colour to it.

We can provide several colours for bonded rubber mulch and will work with you to meet the needs of your playground before we install it.

  • Looks natural

Even with a bright colour coating, bonded rubber mulch has a natural texture and appearance. It looks like wood chips but offers higher levels of safety and is essentially maintenance free once it has been installed.

If you are wanting to have an even more natural appearance in your playground, we can alter the material so it can look like grass. We can colour the surfacing using light stable pigments.

  • Impact absorbent

Bonded rubber mulch is the number one safety surface in the UK because it is impact absorbent. It is a porous, soft material that can reduce the impact of falls and other injuries, which is why it is usually installed in playgrounds around the equipment that children play on.

  • It is flexible

This flooring can be installed over a range of existing surfaces, including grass, concrete, and tree roots. It can be installed onto almost any site, and it can be altered to suit the shape and design of your choosing.

How Much Does Bound Rubber Mulch Cost?

The average cost of rubber mulch is between £40 and £60 per m2.

This will depend on a few different factors which you must take into account. Many variables can affect the rubber mulch costs. When working with rubber mulch, we will charge for the material and the installation.

When thinking about your spending budgets, you have to consider the following:

  • Size of the area.
  • Location in the UK
  • Preparation works required*
  • Access requirements
  • Time of year

These factors can all impact the way that rubber mulch is installed and how easy the job will be, which will then affect the price of installation.

We offer a free quote on our website, so please use the contact form online to see what we can offer you. We can offer competitive prices.

Bound Rubber Mulch Maintenance

Once this material is laid on your site, it requires very little maintenance. It is water-resistant and durable to ensure that it will last years and maintain its safety levels for a long time.

The coating process that is used for colour also provides an additional layer of protection to the surfacing, increasing its durability and, therefore, longevity. Occasional sweeping and regular clean-ups will be required, but the surfacing itself requires little work to keep it bright and safe.

How is Rubber Mulch Installed?

Rubber mulch is laid using a wet pour process. We can install this material to various sites, and it is flexible, so it can be installed over almost any other existing surface.

Depending on the shape and size of the playground, the installation process can be completed in a short amount of time.

Speak to our team today to see how we can install rubber mulch at your location.

Rubber Mulch Installers

Our rubber mulch installers have recently installed surfacing the following areas:

What Areas are Rubber Mulch Suitable For?

Rubber mulch is the most popular kind of safety surfacing, and it can be installed in locations like:

  • Playgrounds
  • Parks, including Daily Mile running tracks
  • Sports centres, including outdoor spaces
  • Multi-Use Game Areas
  • LEAP and NEAP spaces

Enquire today to see how this surfacing can be installed in your location and what prices we can provide based on our supply. We operate across the UK and have already helped hundreds of clients create safer play spaces for all with our surfacing.

Thank you for your interest in our services! If you have any questions, feedback, or inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with us using the contact form.

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